Winterization Pricing

The winterization of your engine, outdrive and/or generator consists of: draining the block, running antifreeze through the engine, fogging engine (carbureted) cylinders, lubricating grease fittings and checking outdrive lube at drain plug (when accessible). Closed cooling systems will be checked to ensure proper antifreeze levels. All engines will be filled with at least 4 gallons of antifreeze. Generators will be filled with at least 1 gallon of antifreeze. (Non-toxic antifreeze protection to at least minus 50 degrees will be used.) Stabilizer will be added to fuel to prevent separation. Fuel tanks should be at least:y. full before winterization.

Prices below (in dollars) are for labor only. There will be an additional charge for materials.


PACKAGE A Basic engine winterization. – $120.00
PACKAGE B Basic engine winterization, plus oil and filter change. – $190.00
PACKAGE C Basic engine winterization, plus outdrive gear oil change. – $180.00
PACKAGE D Basic engine Winterization, plus oil and filter change AND outdrive gear oil change. – $240.00

Engine (Package A) – $120.00
Generator – $60.00
Freshwater System – $40.00
Head – $30.00
Shower & Sump – $20.00
Air Conditioner – $50.00
Water Heater – $50.00
Ice Maker – $30.00
Additional Accessories (per unit, please itemize) – $20.00

Engine Oil & Filter Change – $75.00
Outdrive Gear Lube Change – $65.00
Generator Oil & Filter Change – $75.00
Bottom Power Wash (per foot) – $6.50
Slurry WashlWet Sand (materials included; per foot) – $8.50
Bottom Acid Wash (materials included; per foot) – $7.00
Boat Wash and/or Wax (per quote)
Jump Start – $5.00
Small Boat Pull w/ Bull (up to 32′; per foot) – $8.00
Large Boat Pull w/ Travel Lift (up to 70′; per foot) – $10.00
Small Boat Blocking w/ Bull – $100.00
Large Boat Blocking w/ Travel Lift – $150.00
Dry Dock (monthly charges, per foot) -First 30 days free with haul-out. – $4.00
Trailer Loading (weekdays only; per foot) – $2.00
Trailer Storage (winter only; per month) – $15.00
De-Winterization (per quote)

(Additional and alternative materials may be needed or requested.)

Twinco Non-Toxic Antifreeze (below minus 50 degrees protection) – $8.00/gallon
Sierra 25W50 Marine Engine Oil  – $7.00/quart
Sierra Lower Unit Gear Lube – $9.00/quart
Star-brite Fogging Oil – $6.00/application
CRC Marine Fuel Stabilizer – $1.00/ounce per 5 gallons fuel
Sierra Oil Filters – $10-15.00 (prices vary)